Hello and welcome 2 my small website.

It’s finally here, it took a while.

Had to re-learn how to build a website from scratch some html coding and Css and then dived right into the world of wordpress. It’s Finally done phew! There might be some small bugs but I’ll figure out how to fix em as soon as possible.
Hope you guys checked the different pages, some of my music and maybe even video’s. If you want to contact me feel free to do that right away trough the contact form.
For gig inquiries, you guessed it right 😉 the same contact form up on the contact page.
You can also subsribe for a mailing-list. So that sometimes u’ll receive a mail with what I’m up to gigs, and maybe even a promo Ep or things like that.

Thnx 4 visiting Greetz
Sincerly Absent 😉